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Katsuragawa Electric Co., Ltd., Japan, manufacturer for KIP, was established in 1945 and has a history of over 70 years. Since 1964, the company developed patented product "KIP Electronic Photocopy Imaging System", which has laid a solid foundation for the contemporary digital engineering copying, printing and scanning systems.The company is publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1991. Unlike other manufacturers, Katsuragawa Electric Co., Ltd. only focuses on the development of wide-format engineering copying equipment which makes it specialist in developing and manufacturing digital printing engineering products.

Products development and milestones of Katsuragawa Electric Co., Ltd., Japan.

- Year 1992, developed "KIP 3800" - the world's first digital engineering printing, copying and scanning system.
- Year 1999, developed a professional engineering scanner with RTT (Real Time Threshold) filtering technology.
- Year 2000, developed "Kipstar 2000" - HDP (high Definition Printer) without waste toner technology
- Year 2001, launched "Kipstar 8000" - world's fastest engineering printer (printing speed 14.4M/min) with KIP HDP+ (High Definition Printer Plus) technology.
- Year 2006, launched "KIP KC80" - industry's first digital wide format color engineering printer at the World Electronics New Technology Expo in United States.
- Year 2010, developed and launched a full range new products of KIP700m, KIP7100, KIP7700/7900, KIP9900, KIP720, KIP2300 to the market
- Year 2012, launched KIP7700/7900 blue definition series of LED printers, bringing a revolutionary generation change to digital engineering printing products to users and setting a precedent for laser printing and making a significant contribution to environmental protection.
- Year 2012, developed "KIPc 7800" - high capacity full color wide format printing system and launched the most productive wide-format LED color printer.
- Year 2016, launched "KIP 800" series - printing system which integrates black & white, blueprint and color printing with copying, all-round, full-color and full-scale engineering printing processing system with a wide format engineering document production line, bringing a disruptive development in the era of wide format printing.
- Year 2018, launched "KIP 900" color series - printer with more sophisticated design, more efficient operation with better printing quality and faster printing speed.

KIP's continuous and innovative R&D capabilities have been leading the industry development in the field. The company has advanced technology, product R&D capabilities and productionlines with consistent production.Our products include digital engineering copiers, network engineering printers, engineering scanners, folding machines, digital multifunction all-in-ones and digital blue printers with diverse functions and product range which can meet the needs of different customers.

In order to meet the increasing global demand for KIP equipments, Katsuragawa Electric Co., Ltd., Japan established branches in major economic regions around the world.

- Year 1996, established KIP Europe branch in Paris, France.
- Year 1997, established KIP America and Digital Core Technology R&D Center in Detroit, America.
- Year 1998, established KIP UK branch in the England.
- Year 2003, established KIP Hong Kong branch in Hong Kong, China
- Year 2007, established KIP Korea branch in Seoul, South Korea.
- Year 2009, established KIP (Beijing) Engineering Copying Equipments Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China to meet rapidly increasing needs of product development, after sales service and safeguarded the benefits of many KIP customers.
- Year 2013, established KIP Asia branch in Bangkok, Thailand.


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