Cloud Printing KIP Apps

KIP vCard - Cloud Printing Made Easy

The KIP vCard with customized email signature automates the cloud printing process by eliminating the step of typing print preferences into the email body for commonly used jobs. For example, the email can be set up to always print on bond paper at 50% on a specific KIP 7170 system's email address. 

The KIP cloud print user simply attaches files and sends the email - the printing instructions are preset to the user's preferences. 

Preset Print Information

  • File Name
  • Media
  • Copy Count
  • Size

The KIP vCard with customized email signature contains all necessary information, including printer email address and easy keyword printing preferences.

KIP Web App: Cloud Printing

Print service providers value technology that makes it easier to provide a quality user experience for their customers. Email based print submission via email attachments is something that can be easily utilized by everyone.

KIP Web App: Cloud Copy & Scan

A fresh approach to manually revising documents drastically improves modern collaboration efforts. Hard copy documents including revisions & mark-ups may now be emailed anywhere in the world for output on inkjets, KIP color systems or archival.