Subject Specification
Model KIP 9900
Type Console
Printing method LED Array Electro Photography
Photoconductor Organic Photoconductive Drum
Print speed 240mm / second (11 A0 prints / minute)
Exposure method LED Print Head
Resolution 600dpi x 1800dpi
Print width Maximum : 914mm (36 inches)
Minimum : 297mm (11 inches)
Print length Maximum : Plain paper  -6000mm for A0/36” wide
                                    -or “5 x standard length”
                 Tracing paper A0 / 36 inch
                  Film A0 / 36 inch
Minimum : 210mm

NOTE : Longer print than the above specified maximum
lengths is available. However, KIP does not guarantee
any result including image quality and media feeding
if the print is longer than the above specified lengths.

Warm up time Shorter than 6 minutes
(At 23 degrees centigrade, 60% RH and 230V)
First print time Shorter than 18 seconds (A0)
Fusing method Heat roller fusing
Development Contact type mono component non-magnetic development system
(Initial toner is unnecessary. One toner cartridge contains 500g.)
Charging method Corona
Media feeding method Automatic (4 Roll Decks) and manual (50 cut sheets capacity)
NOTE : Multiple cut sheet feeding (50 sheets max) is available
when the size is narrower than A2 (594mm) or 24”.
Transfer method Corona
Separation method Corona and LED
Input power 220 - 240V (+6% / -10%), 16A and 50/60Hz in U.S.A. and Europe
Interface Interface 8 (LVDS)
USB2.0 (5VDC max)
Maximum power
When 230V, 50/60Hz and Dehumidify Heater is ON
Stand by: 0.9 Kwh
Printing  : 3.0 Kwh
Acoustic noise Less than 70db (Printing)
        NOTE : Impact noise such as cutting sound is excluded.
Less than 60db (Stand by)
Ozone Less than 0.05ppm (Average of 8 hours)
Dimensions 1360mm (Width) x 980mm (Depth) x 1265mm (Height)
Weight About 400kg
Media (Available types)
Plain paper           : 70 - 90g/m2
Tracing paper        : 70 - 90g/m2
Film                      :100 micrometer or less in thickness
Temperature   : 10 - 32.5 degrees centigrade
Humidity         : 20 - 80% RH
Storage condition of
Print media     : Keep the media surely in a plastic bag and close to
shut out the humidity.

Toner              :Keep the toner cartridge away from the direct
sunlight, and store it in the condition of 0 - 35 oC
and 10 - 85% RH.