Subject Specification
Model KIP 7170
Configuration Console
Power consumption
1,440W (US model)
1,680W (EU / Asia model)
(scanner / controller included)
Power consumption
(Low power mode)
Conformity with International Energy Star Program
Acoustic noise Idling Max.   :50db
Printing Max.: 57db
(impulse sound excluded)                    EN ISO 7779
Ozone Max. 0.05ppm (Measurement method under UL Standard)
Dimensions In case of attaching UI, Tray
1587mm (Width) x 704mm (Depth) x 1510mm (Height)
In case of excluding UI, Tray
1346mm (Width) x 704mm (Depth) x 1105mm (Height)
Weight About 244kg (538lb)
Environmental condition
for usage
10 to 32 degrees Centigrade / 50 to 89.6 F
15 to 85% RH
Interface Network Interface (10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX / 1000 BASE-T)
USB2.0 (5VDC max)
Rating Input Power In the US : 120V plus/minus 10%, 50/60Hz, 12A
In Europe : 220-240V plus 6% or minus 10%, 50/60Hz, 7A

Printer part

Subject Specification
Printing method LED Array Electro photography
Photoreceptor Organic Photoconductive Drum
Print speed 80mm per second
(Inch) 3.4ppm/E 5.8ppm/D Landscape
(Metric) 3.3ppm/A0 5.6ppm/A1 Landscape
Print head LED Array
Resolution of print head 600dpi x 2400dpi
Print width Maximum 914mm / 36”
Minimum  297mm / 11” (roll media) or 210mm / 8.5” (cut sheet)
Print length Maximum(Standard)
- 6,000mm / 19.7ft for 36” / A0 wide (plain paper / bond)
- or “5 x Standard length” (plain paper / bond)
- “2 x Standard length” (tracing paper / vellum)
- “1 x Standard length” (film)

(Option) 200,000mm

Minimum 210mm / 8.5”

If the print is longer than the mentioned above, its image quality or the reliability of paper
feeding is not guaranteed.

Paper feeding method 2 Roll Decks
Manual Feeder (single cut sheet)
Paper tray (multiple cut sheet, option)
Warm up time Shorter than 4 minutes 30 seconds
(At 23oC, 60%RH, the rated voltage, and plain paper is used)
First print time 21 seconds (D Landscape, Front Stacking)
(At 23oC, 60%RH, the rated voltage, and plain paper is used)
Fusing method Heat and Pressure Rollers
Development method Dry type non-magnetic mono-component toner
Media (Recommended Media)
US model:
Bond 64g/m2 to 80g/m2, US Bond (PB-20)
Vellum US Vellum (XV-20)
Film 4MIL (PF-4DME)

EU / Asia model:
Plain Paper 64g/m2 to 80g/m2
Tracing Paper Gateway Tracing Paper (73g/m2 )
Film NSF4mil

Storage of consumables (Toner cartridge)
Store the cartridge within the temperature range from 0 to
35 degrees Centigrade and within the humidity range from 35
to 85% RH.