KIP 2300


ITEM Specification
Model KIP2300 Image Scanner
Type Desktop scanner
Reading sensor 3 CCD Reduction Optical System
(3 CCD of RGB 7450 pixels)
Optical Resolution Main scanning (horizontal) direction 600dpi
Sub scanning (vertical) direction 600dp
Range of Scan Resolution 100 - 2400dpi
Scan mode Binary mode (Line, Line/Photo, Photo)
8 bit gray mode
24 bit color mode
Scanning method Sheet through type
Scan speed
Document type Sheet type, Board type
Maximum reading width 914.4mm (36”)
Transportable document
Width 210mm to 1066.8mm (42”)
Length 210mm to 16000mm
Thickness 0.05mm to 16.0mm
NOTE 1 : Upper Document Feeder can accept the original which thickness is 0.05 to 0.1mm.
NOTE 2 : Lower Document Feeder can accept the original which thickness is 0.05 to 16.0mm.
NOTE 3 : In case of the board type document, the maximum length is 1219.2mm (48”).
NOTE 4 : In case of the board type document, the maximum weight is 2.2kg/square meter.
Placement of document Centered
NOTE : Offset placement is available so far as the sensors on center detect the document.
Light source White LED
Warm up time Less than 10 seconds
Memory 256MB DDR DIMM
Operation system Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000
NOTE : KIP2300 supports only 32 bit version of the above OS.
Interface USB 2.0 for controlling & image data transfer
HIL (High-speed Image Link) for image data transfer
NOTE : Connected PC needs to have a PCI Express card slot for installing the HIL Card.
Power source Voltage        :100 - 240V +6%/-10%
Frequency    :50 or 60Hz
Max. power consumption Less than 120W
Average power
(US : 120V / EUR and ASIA : 200-240V)
During scanning        :120W
Stand by                  :50W
In Power Save Mode :0W
Dimension 1366mm (Width) x 543mm (Depth) x 323mm (Height)
(Document Guides, Document Tray and Scanner Stand are excluded.)
Weight About 76kg
Environmental conditions Temperature     :10 - 32 degrees centigrade
Humidity           :15 - 85%RH (No dew)
Recommended  :23 degrees centigrade and 60% RH (No dew)
Acoustic noise Stand by            :Less than 60db
During scanning  :Less than 65db
Impulse sound    :Less than 70db
Option Pedestal (Scanner Stand)
Stacking capacity of trays
  Front Steel Tray Rear Steel Tray
Max. number of Originals about 20 sheets
(914.4mm x 1219.2mm,
36” x 48”)
about 50 sheets
(914.4mm x 1219.2mm,
36” x 48”)
Max. weight of Originals 2.2kg/square meter 5.0kg/square meter