KIP 720


Model KIP 720
Scanning method Sheet through type
Reading sensor Contact Image Sensor
(for A4 size x 5 pieces in staggered arrangement)
Light source LED (R/G/B)
Setting Face up
Starting point of scan Center
Original size Max. : 970.0mm
Min. : 150.0mm
Thickness : 0.05mm to 1.60mm
                 (Image quality for an original with 0.25mm or thicker is
                 guaranteed only in a standard size even the scanner
                 physically accepts it.)
Scanning Width Max. : 914.0mm (36”)
Min. : 210.0mm (8.5”)
Scanning Length Max. : 25m
           (Image quality for an original over 6,000mm in length is
            not guaranteed)
Min. : 210.0mm (8.5”)
Start point of reading within 0.5mm at Leading Edge
Color mode Monochrome : Binary
Grayscale     : 8 bit
Color            : 24 bit
Scanning speed
(600 dpi)
Monochrome : 65mm/s
Grayscale     : 65mm/s
Color             : 22mm/s
Resolution 600dpi
Interface USB 2.0 (Maximum: 5VDC)
Input power Voltage: 100-240VAC
Current: 0.5A (at 100V)
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50W maximum
Environmental conditions 10-32 degrees centigrade, 15-85%RH (Non condensing)
Acoustic noise 60 db or less (during 65mm/s scan operation)

Maschinenlärminformations-Verordnung 3. GPSGV:
Der höchste Schalldruckpegel beträgt 70 dB(A) oder weniger
gemäß EN ISO 7779

Outer dimension 1,140mm (Width) x 362mm (Depth) x 162mm (Height)
Weight Approximately 25kg